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Reorder Approvals


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  • Nichole Plowman

    What permissions are required to edit the Approval order?  Can the order be edited after the Approval has been initiated? 

  • Lindsey Harmon

    Hi Nichole, thank you for the great questions!


    The ability to edit the order of Approvals is determined by a user's Meetings Security Profile. Meetings Security Profiles determine the actions that users have permission to take within the Meetings Module. These are typically configured during Implementation, but they can be edited by Administrators as desired at any time. After receiving your questions, I created an article called Edit Meetings Security Profiles that should help if you would like to view or edit Meetings permissions for your organization. Administrators can view and change a specific user's Meetings Security Profile using the steps in the Edit User Access article. I have added Step 7, which demonstrates selecting one of the existing Security Profiles.


    Yes, you can edit the approval order after Approval has been initiated. In this case, you are only able to re-order approvers who have not yet approved the item.


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