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Browser and Device Support


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  • Anne Carnes

    The above table contradicts itself, we have Safari users that work from their Apple products that cannot access the site, but the table above says they should be able to (with latest version). I am an Apple user, working off of a Mac, iPad, and iPhone and using Chrome with no problems....which the above table seems to show that this is 'not supported'?

  • Lindsey Harmon

    Hi Anne Carnes,


    Thank you for your comment! I apologize for not seeing it sooner. I reached out to our Product team for further clarification.


    Our Select Agenda and Meeting Management solution may function as expected on many browsers, including ones that are listed as Not Supported in the Supported Browsers table. The "not supported" designation indicates that our Support team is not able to escalate bug reports for issues that occur when using that specific browser-device combination. Support will ask customers using an unsupported browser to switch to one that is supported to see if the issue can be replicated before they proceed with troubleshooting.


    If Mac and Safari users continue to experience access issues, please contact Support to see if they can assist.


    I hope this information helps. We appreciate your feedback and will be using it to improve the article.


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