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Create Email Lists


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  • Nichole Plowman

    Where do you go in the system to send an email to this list? Where is the option to send an email to all CivicClerk users (or a group) of users? We need to send announcements and training information to all users of the system. 

  • Lindsey Harmon

    Hi Nichole, thank you for your questions and feedback!


    The email list feature is currently used to send agenda files to specific user groups. You can view instructions on how to do that in our Email Agenda Files article. In theory, you should be able to use the steps in that article to send an email to one or more email lists (including All Users) without attaching agenda files.


    You can also view and copy the email addresses in a manually created email list by clicking the View All link that appears in the photo for step 5 above. Alternatively, you can navigate to User Menu > Settings > User and Global Settings > Users, and then copy and paste the user information you need into Excel to isolate the desired email addresses.


    We have a Feature Requests section in our Help Center Community where users can post features that they would like added to the software for our development team to review. We have had similar requests for additional email functionality, so I will copy and paste your questions to one of those posts for future consideration.


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