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Calendar Sync Between CivicClerk and CivicEngage


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  • Lindsey Harmon

    Hi Tammy,

    Thank you for your questions and feedback. It looks like you are filling everything out correctly. From what I understand, the Calendar Sync integration is only able to pull information from specific fields in CivicClerk into CivicEngage. As a result, some meeting details (such as the description and address) do not carry over.

    It looks like you may have already submitted or updated an Enhancement request for this integration, and that would have been my recommendation in this case. Our product and development teams monitor that section of the Help Center Community and incorporate user feedback into their future projects.

  • Tammy Getchell

    We have this feature, but the only fields that sync are the date, time and title of the event. I would very much like to include a meeting link and a location, but have not figured out how this can be done in a "one-time event", "recurring event" or even in the Event Template. If I add a description (contains the meeting link) and the address, they are not showing up in the CivicEngage calendar. Am I missing a step or a set up somewhere?


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