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CP Media/Zoom Integration


Let us know what was helpful or not helpful about the article.


  • Steve Murphy

    "This allows clients to only invite necessary board members and staff to the Zoom meeting"

    In California at least, that sounds like a Brown Act violation. Sort of like the old cry room at church, where members of the public can watch and hear the meeting of the legislative body from another room behind a panel of glass but cannot be heard or participate in the meeting. I suppose it may be helpful for committee meetings where agencies are not required to allow public participation but it seems the integration should be expanded to allow the public a way to join the meeting as guests. 

  • Megan Asikainen

    Hi Steve, we certainly appreciate this comment. We would advise each agency to review how they use Zoom and other virtual meeting tools with their legal counsel in light of the various State Statutes and the waiver of certain requirements during this time.


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