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  • Jason Espersen

    I have used these embed codes to display the calendar on our Homepage (using CivicEngage). The one problem I have seems to be a coding error. When I first load our homepage, the calendar shows the current month (August 2023 as I'm writing this). I can then start to scroll down through the "Listings" to see upcoming events. Then, when I click on the "View Today" button in the "Filter", it jumps right back to the current month. However, if I start to scroll upwards through the "Listings" and go back a few months (I went back to May 2023) to see previous events, and then I click on the "View Today" button, it jumps back to May 2023 instead of August 2023. No matter how far into the future I now scroll, clicking the "View Today" button will bring me back to May 2023. Refreshing the entire page resets it back to the current month, but if I scroll backwards at all, it resets the "View Today" button to point to the furthest month I've scrolled into the past (second time I tried it I went back to December 2022 and the "View Today" button would then send me back to December 2022 every time I clicked it).

  • Lindsey Harmon

    Hi Jason Espersen, thank you for sharing this feedback. I recommend contacting our Support team so they can look into this issue further.


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